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Admission regulations for foreign citizens

1. General
1.1. The non-state educational institution of higher professional education ???Kislovodsk humanities and technical institute??? has the license for educational activity in the sphere of higher education A ?„– 282438 dated 07.06.2008 and certificate of state accreditation AA ?„– 001335 dated 07.06.2008. The present Regulations are based on the Order of the RF Ministry of education dated 26.05.09 ?„–179 ???On approval of the Admission procedure for foreign citizens to the nationally accredited educational establishments of higher professional education in 2009/2010 academic year???, Agreements of the countries ??“ participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS countries) in the sphere of education (signed in Tashkent on 15 May 1990), The Federal Law ???On higher postgraduate education???, the RF Government Decree ?„–668 dated 04.11.03 ???On development of collaboration with foreign countries in education???, the Letter of the RF Federal service for supervision in education dated 19.06.07 ?„–01-289/05-01 ???On admission of citizens, having documents of education, issued in foreign countries, to the Russian educational institutions???, the Order of the RF Ministry of education dated 14.01.03 ?„–50 ???On approval of the Admission procedure to the RF state institutions of higher professional education, established by the federal executive authorities???, the Federal Law ?„– 109-FZ dated 18.06.06 ???On migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation???.
1.2. The following categories of applicants are regarded as foreign citizens:

  • citizens of foreign countries (including citizens of the states, established on the territory of the former Soviet Union);
  • stateless persons, having passports of foreign countries, residence permit of any country or UN refugee immigrant certificate;
  • stateless persons, residing on the territory of Russia;
  • persons, having permanent residence on the territory of Russia and citizenship of a CIS country;
  • compatriots, living in the states, established on the territory of former Soviet Union, but having no citizenship of such states.
  • 1.3. Admission of foreign citizens to basic undergraduate programs of higher professional education is provided in compliance with international agreements of the Russian Federation and inter-governmental agreements of the Russian Federation at the account of corresponding budget (including quotas, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation), as well as on contracts of payment for tuition by both individuals and(or) legal entities.
    1.4. Admission of foreign citizens for studies on contract terms with payment for tuition fees by individual and (or) legal persons may be given within the enrolment, approved by the Institute license for educational activity, according to annual Rules of admission.
    1.5. Foreign citizens may be given admission to all educational programs of the Institute
    1.6. Admission of foreign citizens to programs of higher professional education, additional or second higher education can be given to full-time or extra-mural departments.

    2. Documents, required for admission and matriculation to the Institute
    2.1. Foreign citizens and stateless persons, as well as persons, having the RF residence permits, are to submit their documents to the selection committee.
    2.3. Foreign citizens may apply for studies from 24 June to 20 August.
    2.4. To apply for admission a foreign citizen has to submit his/her personal application form in the Russian language and attach the following documents:

  • International passport (ID), visa, immigration card.
  • Certificate of birth (copy + duly certified translation into Russian).
  • Certificate or diploma of education with results or transcripts, properly legalized in the country of its issuance (authenticated at the Ministry of education, at the Ministry of foreign affairs and at the Embassy of Russia in the country of issuance).
  • Duly authenticated translation into Russian of the above legalized certificate or diploma of education.
  • For foreign citizens, given admission on budget terms of studies - order, issued by the RF Federal agency for education.
  • Certificate of evaluation and nostrification of the above legalized certificate or diploma of education (acceptance of foreign level of education as equal to the Russian admission requirements), issued by the Federal service of education and science control of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (this certificate is not required for admission to the Preparatory Faculty).
  • Certificate of knowledge of the Russian language or of graduation from accredited center of pre-university training.
  • Medical certificate testifying that an Applicant has no medical contra-indications for studies in Russia;
  • 12 passport size photos, 3-4 cm.

  • 2.5. Citizens of CIS and Baltic countries have to submit to the admission commission their official documents of senior secondary education and/or secondary professional education, issued on the territory of such countries. The documents of education must be translated into Russian and certified by:
  • a Russian notary public; or
  • Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of the document issuance.

  • 2.6. Documents of senior secondary or secondary professional education, issued of the territories of Republic of Georgia, Latvian Republic, Lithuanian Republic, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Uzbekistan and Republic of Turkmenistan after 31st of December 2002 must be certified by certificates of their equivalency (nostrification), issued by the RF Federal service for supervising in the sphere of education and science.
    Documents of nine-year general education in schools of Turkmenistan do not entitle their owners to be admitted to Institute.
    2.7. In exceptional circumstances the Institute can give admission for a foreign citizen without a certificate of equivalence, but for a period of not more than 6 months, during which he will be obliged to submit such certificate.
    2.8. Simultaneously with the admission package a foreign applicant must sign the obligation to observe the rules of residence, behavior and traveling in the Russian Federation, established by the RF laws for foreign citizens.
    2.9. It is binding for foreign citizens to get acquainted with the license for educational activity in specific specialties and fields, other documents, regulating the tuition process and admission procedure, including programs of entrance testing and appeal proceedings.
    2.10. The selection commission will complete an applicant??™s file, issue a certificate of the documents acceptance to him and get him acquainted with the rules of residence, behavior and traveling in the Russian Federation, established by the RF laws for foreign citizens.

    3. Entrance examinations
    3.1. Entrance examinations are intended to determine if an applicant is capable to cope with corresponding program of professional education. All entrance tests are carried out in the Russian language.
    3.4. Foreign citizens, stateless persons and persons, having the RF residence permits, applying for admission to the Institute can be given admission pursuant to the results of examination held by Institute.
    3.6. Entrance examinations can be carried out in the form of testing.
    3.7. Entrance testing of foreign citizens, applying in 2009 for admission to the Institute will be carried out during the period from 21 to 30 August. Schedule of entrance tests (subjects, dates, time, place of interviews, consultations, lists of applicants, dates of announcement of results) will be approved by the selection commission, and foreign applicants will be notified about the above details not later than 10 days prior to the next stage of entrance testing.
    3.8. The results of Unified state examination may be considered as results of entrance testing.
    3.9. Foreign applicants, missing any entrance test because of valid reasons, may take an entrance test with a parallel group or individually according to his/her personal application.
    3.10. Materials of entrance tests will be kept in personal files of foreign students.

    4. Matriculation procedure
    Foreign applicants, given admission to the Institute will be matriculated to the Kislovodsk humanities and technical institute pursuant to the results of entrance examinations after conclusion of their contracts for studies and payment of the specified tuition fees.


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